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Beautiful Porcelain Countertops for Homes and Businesses

Porcelain is known for its elegance, but it's also durable. Onyx Marble & Granite is the most skilled and best equipped for installing porcelain countertops in your greater Boston home or business. Our team was trained by a leading porcelain fabrication company. We are one of the few companies in the area specializing in fabricating and installing porcelain slabs and sintered stones. We create countertops, fireplaces, vanity tops, walls, floors, backsplashes, and beyond.

Whether you need a sturdy yet eye-catching design element to sustain your home's foot traffic or the wear and tear of a busy workday, porcelain slabs can do the job. Porcelain provides high resistance and easy maintenance.

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Our Suppliers

We provide homes and businesses with versatile styles and outstanding durability. We do so by stocking our inventory with nothing but the best. Explore our vast inventory and select an porcelain or sintered stone product from one of the industry's leading brands. Our inventory includes elegant, porcelain and sintered stone from:

Robust Neolith Countertops for Any Space

Keep your kitchen or common area in prime condition by outfitting it with Neolith slabs. Neolith is exceptionally compact, making it a perfect material for countertops and other surfaces that sustain heavy impacts and activity. It comprises all-natural materials like glass, granite, and silica and is sintered into beautiful, durable countertops. Natural oxides create Neolith's one-of-a-kind swirling patterns and earthen colors.

Sintered Neolith countertops can resist extremely high temperatures and support hot pans and pots easily, and they are almost entirely resistant to food, drink, and grime stains. They are perfect for any space.

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Neolith Sintered Stone Key Characteristics

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Merging Luxury Aesthetics and Maximum Durability

We enhance the appearance and function of homes and businesses.
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