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Kitchen Countertops

Your kitchen isn’t just a place to cook and eat meals. It is the heart of your home, a place where family and friends celebrate every occasion, and a place to watch your children grow. Shouldn’t your kitchen’s countertops be as impressive as its purpose? At Onyx Marble & Granite, we think so.

That’s exactly why our company offers a complete customer experience: to transform your kitchen into a conversation piece. From consultation to custom fabrication and efficient installation, our stonework experts will help you choose the right material for your heart and home and bring it to life for the benefit of all.

“But how? How can one company do all that for my kitchen?”

It’s very simple. Onyx Marble & Granite has the knowledge, experience, resources, and technology to offer everything you need under one roof. We carry the best hand-picked marble, granite, and engineered stone from suppliers across the country. From there, our talented professional staff helps guide you through the details of the process to create your own dream space.

At Onyx Marble & Granite, we pride ourselves on providing the very best products, education, and customer experience with every interaction. That is how our customers have come to know us, and to trust us, when offering them spectacular new kitchen countertops.

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