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Neolith Sintered Stone Countertops

NeoLith sintered stone might have a crazy big name, but it’s a revolutionary material. NeoLith combines high performance with trendy colors to create a one-of-a-kind compact surface that’s ideal for countertops everywhere. Available in large format and at variable thicknesses, NeoLith can work for an endless number of applications in the home, in business, and more.

NeoLith Sintered Stone Key Characteristics

Heat Resistant

Even at high temperatures, NeoLith won't burn. Even in a fire, it will remain intact and won't let off smoke or toxic substances.


NeoLith is light. A 3mm board weighs just 7 kg/m2 and a 12 mm board weighs just 30 kg/m2.

UV Resistant

NeoLith's 100% natural color won't deteriorate in sun exposure or when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Cold Resistant

Just as with heat, NeoLith won't be damaged by exposure to cold temperatures.

Scratch Resistant

NeoLith is such a hard surface that it can't be scratched or abraded no matter what you do.

Chemical Resistant

You can use harsh chemical cleaning agents and NeoLith will stand strong.

Bend Resistant

Even under high pressure and weight loads, NeoLith won't bend or rupture.


NeoLith is suitable for food preparation and will not release harmful substances.

Heavy Use Sustainable

The hard surface can withstand regular and long-term use and abuse.

Water Resistant

NeoLith is both waterproof and liquid resistant, with an absorption level recorded near zero.

100% Natural

Resin-free, NeoLith won't release harmful substances into your food or the environment.

100% Recyclable

As much as 52% of any NeoLith board is comprised of recycled raw materials.

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