Do you live in or near Berlin MA, and need new kitchen countertops? Our company, Onyx Marble and Granite, can install beautiful new marble or granite countertops for you.

Granite is a wonderful choice for a countertop. It is a natural material with a very hard, durable surface. There are so many beautiful patterns and colors of granite available. Granite is so hard that it will stay new-looking almost forever. It resists stains, mildew and mold. It is practically indestructible.

Marble is another beautiful option for your countertops. Marble is not as hard as granite, but it has a more beautiful and refined look. Marble comes in wonderful light and white colors. It is very cool to the touch, which is great for pastry cooking. Many people prefer the beautiful patina that marble countertops develop with age. Some people worry that marble countertops are more likely to stain than granite. However, we seal our marble countertops, so this should not be a worry for you.

We have many beautiful slabs of marble and granite onsite, so come and visit us to see what we have available. You will certainly fall in love with one of our gorgeous natural granite or marble slabs. We can advise you as to the pros and cons of each type of material. Our expert installers will do a great job of installing the perfect countertop to complement your kitchen cabinets and decor.

Besides the natural stones such as marble or granite, we also have engineered stone countertops available, if you prefer those for your kitchen. These can be very practical, and they come in colors that you can’t find in natural stone.

Stop by or call us today, and we can explain all the options we have available for beautiful and durable kitchen countertops. We gladly install countertops in Berlin MA, and all surrounding areas.

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